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 Trophy Price: $2,500.00 per bird + $200.00 Guide Fee - Hunting Deposit required: $500.00 

If interested, contact Kevin @ (863) 634-3449 or Email to book. 

Upon booking, you may make your deposit then by phone or by clicking the link

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 Deposits are NON Refundable.

See accommodations  for additional prices.

  License is required visit: 

We'll be glad to assist you in acquiring one.

 WHEN TO HUNT:  ZONE A - Fall Turkey October 13th thru March 3rd- Youth Spring turkey hunts** Feb. 23 & 24

Spring Turkey March 2nd thru April 7th 

            Taxidermy: Services rendered if necessary / Rifle Range: 100 & 300 yards available 

    Discharging of ANY weapon at ANY bird will be at the hunter's COST. 

Every effort will be made to retrieve the animal. 

         The guide will ultimately make the call on what kind of shot (clean , miss, or wounded).                


   Our Osceola Turkey hunts are done on several pieces of private land, giving the hunter the chance to find the bird he's truly looking for. The hunter and the guide will settle in behind a hand made blind of palm fronds, vines, and myrtle bushes and wait for the sun to come up and the fog to slowly disappear. As the first calls are made, the woods come alive. With the turkeys responding all at once, excitement and deception set in, leaving the age old question: "Where, When and If" he will STRUT your way? Flirting with disaster, the bird slowly and cautiously comes into view, showing off his feathers, beard, and his loud gobble. BAAM!   

   So let's stop Hen-ing around--it 's a show worth sitting down for. 

                              Hunters or Huntress's may romance the bird with their own calls.



..Osceola Turkey hunters info..   

       Three bearded bird 11", 6" and 5"

.               ~2016~


 ​​​​​​Kevin & Taffy Roberts

​27000 SW Warfield Blvd.

​Indiantown, Fl. 34974