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Totally an Exotic Animal..

                     (Cook book and nutritional facts for the Axis Meat click here)

    TROPHY PRICE: $2,250 + $200.00 GUIDE FEE 


If interested contact Kevin Roberts @ (863) 634-3449 or by EMAIL to book.

Upon booking, you may make your deposit then by phone or

click the link  ADD TO CART  to use Paypal. 

 Deposits are NON Refundable.

See accommodations for additional prices.

   April & May is Pre-rut for Axis in Velvet  June & July is Rut and is the peak time for trophy Axis Hard Horn-

November still a great time to hunt.   

   April - October is the best time for MEAT DEER

    TAXIDERMY: Services rendered if necessary-- RIFLE RANGE: 100 & 300 yard available

    Once ANY weapon is fired at ANY animal-- it's the hunters cost. 

Every effort will be made to retrieve the animal NO MATTER the situation.

The guide will make the final call on what kind of shot (clean, miss, or wounded). 

     These exotic animals  are as smart as they are elusive and have a built in "bark" as an alarm system. They use the covering of the 1850 acre ranch of mostly pines, palms, and oak hammocks to help aide them in playing a " Now you see me, Now you don't" game with the hunter. A shot is more challenging than one might think; but your guide, Kevin, has 20 plus years of experience-- "it's just his game". Bow hunting tips: EXPERIENCE  with shooting a bow.

The Axis are the most nutritional and best eating meat that you will put in your mouth.  Click here to view more information on Axis. A cookbook is included with every hunt. Take a moment to look through some great hunting pictures of these beautiful animals, both hard horned and in velvet. 

Beautiful Velvet Axis with Guide Kevin Roberts

​                                  2016

YOUTH hunts are welcome, and encouraged!